Database Backup and recovery

Oracle and other DBMS vendors offer excellent collections of tools to effectively implement backup and recovery policies. Depending on what the customer needs are, Tuna consulting selects optimal and user-friendly methods that are tailored to the needs of your business.

Companies often forget to appreciate an importance of data protection. Below are some of the problems that would cause a full or partial recovery:

  • Server or storage damage.
  • Problem with data blocks or Data Dictionary.
  • User errors.
  • Database file media failures.
  • Upgrade problems.
  • Data Center outages.

In some cases it is possible to use advanced technologies such as oracle's flashback database to avoid the complete restoration. RMAN can be used to detect corrupted block-levels during backup and restore. Damaged data file recovery could be performed in a way that only related TABLESPACE would be unavailable.

Since data is the heart of most enterprises, it is crucial that all the data backup and recovery plans are implemented correctly.

As a highly advanced disaster recovery solution we can offer implementation and management of systems able to sustain catastrophic situations – RAC (real applications cluster), Standby Data Guard replication.