Performance tuning

Why is My Database Slow?

If you want your servers to run faster  you have to find the source of your performance bottleneck.  Most IT ‘Experts’ will blame your hardware and ask you to add more memory, install quicker processors and upgrade the storage to SSD to combat the problem. 

Knowing how to optimize performance and understanding that it may have nothing to do with hardware is a great first step towards staying ahead of the growing need for instantaneous access to information.

Tuna consulting only uses the tools and methods which are recommended by Oracle such as Statspack and AWR that can provide essential information regarding the activity in your systems. It will trace any internal or user processes at every level of the database from individual SQL statements to overall database capacity. We use this analyses to identify exactly what is currently causing the slowdowns, high resource utilization and what is the limiting factor to your database scalability.

After identifying the root of the problem we will know exactly what needs to be done, avoiding traditional 'blind' and 'trial and error' optimization approach.
In return you will:

  • Save valuable resources, time and money.
  • Have systems that are more responsive and fast.
  • Have employees who are not frustrated by painfully slow systems and be more productive.

 And of course all of this will eventually benefit your organizations customers.