Remote Administration

All your outsourced administrative services will be remotely monitored and managed by Tuna consulting.

Having a remote administrator in place as an insurance plan provides a strong ROI in this case, especially when you are comparing one in-house DBA to a company such as Tuna consulting with experianced database experts to assist you.

The experience we bring to the table means you get results quickly. And we know that there is no substitute to experience.

The way remote administration works is simple. A secure connection will be established by Tuna consulting with your company to allow remote access. If you have any engineers in your company we will work closely with them to thoroughly assess problems and recommend best solutions.

Benefits of our DBA services:

  • Our experts will deliver all your database administration needs for a fraction of the cost of full time in-house DBA.
  • Access the technical expertise not available in-house and avoid the cost and headache of hiring an experienced DBA.
  • Eliminating the risk of downtime.
  • Get 24x7 support to ensure that critical issues are addressed immediately.
  • Get tasks done quicker due to the high level of expertise of our team.
  • Monitoring systems that require minimal intervention or none at all from the customer.